Thursday, 2 February 2012

fat boring pirates of z lister t.v.

so you've won.

You've got a maverick inspecter general on your side who's hidden our evidence. 

I get it now the ones in prison are meant to be in prison - you masterminded the whole thing so that you and the one Pauline calf wants to punch can run the new order.

So none of the celebs are victims they just put it on to make news and to psychically attack us ugly nobody victims.  if there even is any more people like us?

Your all unemployable,talentless, fat, ugly and past it as well or fat and ugly and young and wouldn't get work if you hadn't got this set up going for you.

I bet the ones in prison love you!! 

So what are you planning to do with the people who's lives you've ruined?

You really are a sad f*****d up bastard!!

So are you gonna talk to us victims through the t.v.?

And what's Amy Winehouse got to do with all this?

As I'm not going anywhere now you could at least tell me why you've done this to us?

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