Friday, 3 February 2012

Another handy tip for my new bestie mates in t.v. land

I thought you might like this handy money saving tip.

Instead of spending money on cocaine, which can be a very expensive habit, get yourselves to the doctor and switch to prozac.

It has a very similar effect to cocaine but is far less pricey.  When I took it, it worked out at just £5 a month, compare that to your monthly cocaine bill.  Yes a fantastic saving.

If your not either going out with your dealer or a very close friend of your dealer,  your not even taking cocaine.  Street drugs are cut with all manner of substances from talc to glucose powder.  You could even be taking prozac already or aspirin or vetinary de - worming drugs - anything that can be ground down to a powder.

Try the taste test next time before you snort cocaine.  Does it taste like cocaine? 

Ask the inspector general what cocaine tastes like if you don't know what the flavour is, he should know.

Most dealers keep the good stuff for themselves.

Maybe you could try a little experiment for yourself.  Next time your at the chemist buy all the substances that could be ground down to look like cocaine.  Grind them down, first taste it, then snort it, then see what effect you get.  Compare and contrast.  Then grid up your results.

If anyone snorts talc please tell me what the result to that is - just curious.

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