Sunday, 5 February 2012

softy walter - the mascot of the nine angles

The nine angles are a group of money launderers, scammers, extortionists etc. who use the society of the nine angles as their front.  They've taken over a rival society called sol.  They've actually scammed their own members and members of Sol, by stealing land and property off them. 

The nine angles leaders work in tv and the music industry.  They get the people whose property they've stolen to make videos on you tube, tweet etc. -then use this as inspiration for their t.v. programmes and music.

Why the government allows a group of Nazi satanists the right to be out there I don't know.  I equally don't understand why Marilyn Manson is allowed to spout Nazi satanist rubbish? during world war 2 they would of been imprisoned or quite rightly shot.

The mascot of the nine angles is softy Walter.

The members of the nine angles commit crimes on people then start acting like softy Walter.  Softy Walter is so annoying you just want to punch him. 

In civilian world if you were to round up a gang of mates in a van, drive to where one of these softie nine angles were, drag them in a van down a quiet lane beat them in the private parts, kick them in the head till they screamed for their mummy then dumped them by a river, there's a slight chance you may get done for G.B.H., this option is therefore not worth the risk - but a nice idea and it seems to a frightened the living daylights out of them!!

However, please quote me if I'm wrong - if a military member of high repute, working for Cameron decided to carry out a similar tactic, this is actually within the bounds of the law, as the nine angles member has killed a well known singer, stolen land off people and is working with a bent cop.  Maybe you'll need to fill me in on the legal jargon here, but I think the high ranking military member could actually have the go ahead on shoot to kill.

If the softy Walter is lucky enough to make it to prison, if he or she, chooses to carry on with this softy Walter approach, the other inmates would beat them up.  In prison there are different rules to the outside world,  especially from lifers, as it isn't gonna change their record if they beat up a nonce.  From what I learned in psychology prison life is very different to civilian life.  The prison guards can sometimes team up with the other prisoners to make sure justice is really given to the people who have had crimes wrongly committed on them.  Softy Walters who kill and steal from people who don't deserve it have broken the rules of the underground.

Feel free to make a programme about this blog or write a song about it - it will prepare you for what's gonna happen to you all!!

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